The game is still in its early stages of development. The beta-testing phase is currently planned for Summer, 2002. You can monitor the progress of Qyrann Online's development by visiting the Designer's Diary section. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be created as soon as we receive an adequate number of questions.

Build up an online empire, and defend it against thousands of players!


Developing your small town into a powerful kingdom will not be an easy task. Enemy players will siege your forts with battle-hardened troops. Power-hungry allies might backstab you to gain access to your riches. You must carry the burdens of a true leader; creating a strong economy and maintaining powerful armies are essential for survival.

Manage large armies and cast powerful spells.


Recruit units, breed creatures, and combine them to make even more powerful forces. Organize your armies and fortify them in your realm to crush your enemies' offensive forces. Utilize spells for mass destruction or to protect your empire. Wage epic battles against your enemies. You write your own history, but remember... foolish choices often result in unpleasant consequences!

Summon and train legendary warriors to complete heroic quests.


Your heroes will engage in dangerous adventures to find powerful items which will aid you in your quest for survival. One of Qyrann's unique features is a vast world map with hundreds of locations to explore. The world is shared by all players. Their actions will reflect on your map; your actions will reflect of theirs. Train your heroes by completing quests, conquering towns, defeating hordes of beasts, and setting up alliances.

Please register with us as soon as possible! You will be informed of the official beta-testing and launch dates as soon as they are set. Since only a limited number of people will be chosen for beta-testing, it is recommended that you register early. Thank you for your interest in Qyrann Online.

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